Explore your archetypal resonance through our sophisticated line of gender provocative clothing and accessories. By standing in a certain fashion ambiguity, a cognitive dissonance forms, raising the question of who or what you’re aligned to… and why?

IDGaF Choker (I Don’t Give a F@ck Choker)

Made from 1” wide nylon strap, low profile snap buckle and real glass onyx crystal gems, this choker is BAD-ASS. I’ve been wearing it for months and everywhere I go I get a different response. People I’ve never met nod at me. People comment on my shoes for some reason. Lovers say it’s fierce, demanding I leave it on when… Men are curious the most, I say “It’s the “I Don’t Give a F@ck Choker” where they say, there’s a lot of us out here that could use that.

Order yours today, as soon as you walk in a room, everyone will wonder who the hell you think you are.


Product starts shipping November 2019