HEART in GEAR is a platform that supports artists, innovators and activists through small financial grants funded from networking events, live storytelling, performances and the sale of HEART in GEAR branded clothing and accessories.


Chris Hoffmann Bio

Through his creative work as engineer, innovator, entrepreneur and author, Chris Hoffmann has not only put into production some amazing products, he has inspired others to refine their creative skills. In the process, he’s gained international recognition as a startup CEO and innovator.

Chris has already challenged innovation norms inside product design, urban transportation, autonomous driving, and manufacturing technology. Following the success of his book, HEART in GEAR, he now sees expanding one’s gender range as the new frontier of self-growth. This inquiry into the archetypal masculine/feminine polarity has revealed the “what and how” of oppressive power structures, have no interest in the insight and generative force of the feminine question “WHY”.

Through vulnerable storytelling and live shows, Chris hopes to model how we all have the ability to create new realities through the courage to break down gender barriers, giving us the emotional tools to connect with a powerful intuitive intelligence needed to interact with others honestly, clearly, and openly.


These talismanic or archetypal stories act like effective algorithms to help innovators, artists and activists understand new realities, shift their perspectives and change their lives for the better.

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